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From the Academy of Sciences of "Manhattan" would like to express gratitude for a job well done in promoting our agency. We have asked the company "Indevison" for help in creating a logo, the layout for the banner. The results were very pleased. Worked with Dimitri and can say with certainty that a person engaged in the business. Creativity, creativity, diversity, preliminary sketches and designs vision for our company logo. In this pleasant pleased pricing and speed in solving the problems.
We wish you good inspiration and creativity !!!

Director General of the Real Estate "Manhattan" Lebedyanskaya A.S., 23.03.2015

Our Company has recently been working with INDEVISION, but at this time we managed to finish several projects: big Flash presentation, 4 types of packaging.
All works are very high quality, on time (which is a very important criterion when choosing a developer).
We will continue to do joint projects!
We express our deep gratitude. We wish to further develop and endless creative impulse.

Best regards, Company Eskimos. 13.03.2015

We are not the first month of working with design studio «Indevision». Time has shown that we made the right choice: the designers of «Indevision» - experts you trust.
Intelligible justification of ideas and concepts, transparent scheme of work, ease of interaction.
Value: clarity, consistency, attention to our needs, integrated approach, the accuracy in the performance and of course creative ideas.
Conclusion: we were satisfied, because the result is a work that really help our business.
Very nice when you understand at a glance, read thoughts from a distance.

Elena Sargsyan, Company Matreshka. 22.02.2015

We have grown the company with a very solid target audience. But solid - does not mean boring, and we are pleased that in «Indevision» understand it. Company Website turned cautious and strict, but bright and "convenient". All short and to the point! We are very pleased with our customers - too! Recommended!

Real Estate Agency "ElitaGrupp", 22.11.2014

Specialists «Indevision» proved purely on the positive side, by doing all the work for the production design in strict accordance with the technical specifications and requirements voiced.
For a long time cooperation, never appeared overlap and delays.
Special thanks for their creative and innovative approach to solving our common problems.
We will continue to pursue our cooperation.

Best regards, Company Samato. 2.08.2014

Worked with Dimitri to create a site and design icons. Done quickly, within two weeks. All corrections are included as work progresses. In general, everything went smoothly and without problems.
I strongly advise all companies Indevision!

Company Motorsib. 05.05.2014

We are grateful to the company for the development Indevision site.
Professionalism of the company Indevision let us solve the problem. In the process, we have repeatedly received a number of proposals that, in turn, led to the best results.
The most important is that the team Indevision, starting work on the project, please take into account the prospects of development of the client's business and offers solutions in the initial stage of programming site, allowing further change the content and structure of the site at no additional cost.
In the market you can find many professional companies, but, unfortunately, not all of them customer-centric. We are fortunate that we have partnered with Indevision, which meets these two important requirements.

Best regards, Company Midea. 23.03.2014

Quite difficult to find a good developer sites, understanding, feeling his client bereguschie him and his time, who knows how to organize, visualize and draw often completely client nonsense:-). Developer sites, which are often even more aggressive customer will achieve a good result of its activities.
Indevision - it's just such a developer sites, and we do not hide the related joy and great thanks guys for infinite patience and calmness, high level of professionalism and efficiency.
It is for these reasons, together with Indevision was designed, engineered, implemented, invented, nurtured site, with ongoing monitoring and promotion.
After several years, we can say with confidence that cooperation and collaboration with this company was obviously productive, interesting, saturated and largely very informative.

Best regards, director of the company "Albatros". 1.04.2013

Together with the team we have created Indevision not quite standard agency website. Therefore often had unusual problems and staged a trivial task, which the company copes perfectly and quickly.
Always try to maximize contact with the customer, to understand all the wishes that are known to not always, too, are simple and straightforward. The company quickly address emerging difficulties, approaching the subject not only as professionals but also perceiving the customer's "soul".

Best regards, Company Roza vetrov. 08.03.2013

We are grateful for the excellent work Indevision on our site, appreciate the fact that everything was done creatively and efficiently, and most importantly for the patience that you have enough to accept and understand all of our ideas and, most importantly, implement them on our website coats.
Thank you for helping us to join and gain so many new and interesting things for us related to the process of creating the site, we hope that our further joint work will continue also on the support of our website.
With pleasure we will recommend your studio as professionals in their work with our friends and acquaintances.

Best regards, Elena Kudinova, Company 21.01.2013

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